19 Apr Do You Believe in the Hype of blk. Water in Abu Dhabi

blk. Water is all-natural water infused with fulvic acid.

There is always a new food trend i the market and our latest discovery is blk. Water in Abu Dhabi-have you heard of it yet? blk. Water is sold in a very stylish and sleek bottle-maybe that is why all the fashion people seem to love it. Aptly named after its color, black water is something we were very skeptical of trying. But further investigation showed us that the water is in fact made with pure spring water and it is the added fulvic acid that turns it into this color.

So what is so special about fulvic acid? Used for centuries in China, India and other countries, fulvic acid is knows for its medicinal qualities. An antioxidant and high in electrolytes, fulvic acids is a traditional method for fixing digestive issues. It helps build the immune system, increases the nutrients in the body and boosts overall energy.

Despite its unattractive color, it actually tastes like regular spring water. Given it has all these added health benefits maybe it is worth trying, but then again not everyone can be convinced of drinking something that looks the way blk. water does.

You can buy blk. Water in Abu Dhabi for 20 AED per bottle.

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Abu Dhabi Confidential, UAE, May 4th 2015