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27 May Exclusive: Backstage at Madiyah AI Sharqi

Buro 24/7 Middle East
Exclusive: Backstage at Madiyah AI Sharqi
Autumn/Winter 15

Buro 24/7 Middle East give you an exclusive look at what \vent on backstage at Madiyah AI Sharqi’s Autumn/Winter 15 presentation at Fashion Forward. Discover the gallery here …

When Emirati designer Madiyah AI Sharqi presented her new Autumn/Winter 15 collection at the recent Fashion Forward event Buro 24/7 lv!iddle East not only got a front row view of the etherial pastel hued collection, but we were invited backstage
for a behind the scenes exclusive look.

See the models as they prepare to hit the runway in the new season’s asymmetrical lineup and what they were refuelling with the new health drink bile water. Discover the gallery below …

Buro 24/7, UAE, April 13th, 2015